The  School of Finance at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics  (SUFE) and Shanghai Institute of International Finance and Economics  (SIIFE) are pleased to announce that the Seventh Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Markets is to be held on June 22nd, 2019 at the conference room in Tongde Building, SUFE.

The theme of this year’s conference is Finance Theory. The conference consists of two keynote speakers, Philip Bond, and Yuliy Sannikov,  and four researchers in theoretical finance. Topics of presentations  range from the micro level, including information disclosure and trading  platform, to the macro level, including financial stability, sovereign  debt, and international monetary theory. The conference ends with a panel discussion among keynote speakers and other guests, aiming to provide participants perspectives and inspirations on recent advances in finance research.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speech: 

The Equilibrium Consequences of Indexing

Philip Bond

Philip  Bond is the Edward E. Carlson Distinguished Professor in the Finance  and Business Economics department at the University of Washington.  He  is a native of the United Kingdom, and holds a PhD in Economics  (Chicago) and a BA in Mathematics (Oxford).  He has previously served on  the faculties of Northwestern University, the University of  Pennsylvania, and the University of Minnesota. His main research  interest is the role of contracts and asymmetric information in  financial markets. His published work has appeared in both leading  finance and economics journals. He is a co-editor of the Journal of Finance, and a former president of the Finance Theory Group.

Keynote Speech: 

International Monetary Theory: A Risk Perspective

Yuliy Sannikov

Yuliy  Sannikov is a Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of  Business with broad research interests that revolve models in economic  theory, corporate finance and macroeconomics with financial frictions.  In particular, he has used continuous-time methods to understand better  dynamic phenomena in these areas, from the probability of financial  crises and their development, to price wars that occur to enforce the  collusive agreements. Yuliy Sannikov got his B.A. in mathematics from  Princeton and a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford GSB. He has taught at  Princeton, MIT, NYU, Harvard, Stanford and UC Berkeley. Yuliy’s research  has been recognized by several prizes, including the2015 Fischer Black Prize and the 2016 Clark Medal. When in high school, Yuliy participated in math competitions and won three gold medals at International Mathematical Olympiads in 1996, 1995 and 1994.

Preliminary Program

Organizer: School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai Institute of International Finance and Economics

Location: Tongde Building Conference Room, 100 Wudong Rd., Shanghai, China





Welcome remark by SUFE Council Vice Chairman Hong Chen

Morning Session (Chair: Neng Wang)


Voluntary Disclosure, Moral Hazard and Default Risk.pdf

Shiming Fu (SUFE)

Giulio Trigilia (University of Rochester)


Coffee break and photo taking


Fragile New Economy: The Rise of Intangible Capital and Financial Instability.pdf

Ye Li (Ohio State University)


Keynote Speech: International Monetary Theory: A Risk Perspective

Yuliy Sannikov (Stanford University)


Lunch (Buffet at Faculty Cafeteria, SUFE)

Afternoon Session (Chair: Tak-Yuen Wong, SUFE)


Rare Disasters, Financial Developement, and Sovereign Debt.pdf

Sergio Rebelo (Northwestern University)

Neng Wang (Columbia University)

Jinqiang Yang (SUFE)


Electronic Trading in OTC Markets vs. Centralized Exchange

Ying Liu (SUFE)

Sebastian Vogel (EPFL& Swiss Finance Institute)

Yuan Zhang (SUFE)


Coffee break


Keynote Speech: The Equilibrium Consequences of Indexing.pdf

Philip Bond (University of Washington)

Panel Session (Moderator: Neng Wang)


Discussion and Perspective of Finance Research

Philip Bond, Jun Pan(MIT & SAIF), Jun Qian(Fudan),

Yuliy Sannikov, and Neng Wang


Dinner (by invitation)